The first Fischer, known as the MR1000, was based on the Rotax v-twin as used in the Aprilia Mille. Following a series of sketch proposals, Glynn worked with Gemini Technology Systems in Wisconsin USA to produce a clay model which was built in just three weeks. A running prototype was completed towards the end of 2003.

Fischer then decided to use a Hyosung-built 650 in place of the Rotax unit, combined with an optional supercharger to recoup the power. However, unlike the 60° Rotax unit, the Hyosung was a 90° V-twin, requiring substantial modifications to the frame. As the old design needed refinement anyway, Glynn persuaded Fischer to completely restyle the bike for the new frame, and produced a sharper design based on the previous version. The MRX, as the new bike is known, was completed in February 2004, and made its debut at the Indianapolis Powersports Show.